Singing Telegrams has the perfect singing telegrams for your special occasion or holiday
    celebration here in your town. Our delivery of your singing telegram will bring that extra
    “something” to your event. Let us help you plan your event so you can sit back and
    relax while enjoying a song!

    Our singing telegrams include whatever costume you want (Clown, Nurse, Cop, Doctor, Elvis)
    and allow you to take pictures and video of the event.

    A singing telegram consists of a costumed entertainer who sings to the special person and
    reads/sings them a personal telegram. One or two songs plus personalized improv to entertain and
    playfully embarrass any or all, for adults or big kids. As their gift, they will also receive a balloon
    bouquet or flower bouquet or card with personalized greeting, which celebrates the occasion and gives
    the recipient a dancing lesson or does one depending on character!

    From "Grand-mother Appropriate" to "A Little Naughty" with class and style.

    To set up we need

    2 phone #'s

    Anniversary Celebration
    A Patriotic Celebration
    April Fools’ Day
    Birthday Party
    New Year’s Eve
    Retirement Party
    Bachelorette / Bachelor Party

    Costumed characters:
    Belly Dancers, Bartenders, Clowns, Comedians, Little People, Clown, Nurse, Cop, Doctor,
    Nerd, Nerdette, Gorilla, Biker chick, Tuxedo tails, Cheerleader, Red white and blue, Leprechaun,
    Viking maiden, Business attire, Jester, Bag lady, Bum, Mermaid, Disco queen, Baseball, Golf,
    Construction worker, Fireman, Farmer, Cowboy, Cowgirl, Dumb blonde, Waitress, Waiter,
    Stewardess, Army, Navy, Chef, Earthman, Senorita, Old Lady, Birthday Fairy, Chicken, Banana,
    Tomato, Turkey, Penguin, Hip Hop Chicken, Mime,  Frenchman, Opera Singer

    Celebrity Spoofs:
    Elvis, Marilyn, Frank Sinatra, Lady Gaga, Mae West, Marlene Dietrich,
    Betty Boop, Carmen Miranda, Michael Jackson, Barry Manilow, Austin Powers and fembots,
    Richard Simmons, Elvira, Andrews Sisters, Lil' Wayne, Elvira, Bette Midler, Madonna,
    Garth Brooks, Patsy Cline, Judy Garland, Liza Minnelli, Edith Piaf, Tom Jones, Jimmy Buffet,
    Sound of Music, Julie Andrews,  Mary Poppins, Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx, Blues Brothers,
    Cinderella, Snow white, Glenda the good witch, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, I Dream of Jeannie,
    Magic Genie, Spice girls, Saturday Night Fever, Kiss, Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso,
    Humphrey Bogart, Ed Sullivan.

    The possibilities are endless and we will spend the appropriate time with you
    so you and your guests can enjoy the entertainment right in your town/city!

    Phone a grams:
    Our Phone a Gram entertainers are experienced and gifted we can impersonate almost any
    celebrity/singer/actor. Let us deliver your message for that special person or event.
Our Singing Telegrams will be at your front door for any occasion!
We have all kinds of
We offer telegrams such as
Clown, Nurse, Cop, Doctor, Nerd, Nerdette, Gorilla, Biker chick, Tuxedo,
Cheerleader, Etc..